At Lil’ Tots, we are re-defining the future of baby food! 

Keeping up with the smart world around us, it is necessary to evolve from considering food just as a basic necessity to one that speaks more of our lifestyle, specifically our fit and healthy one. 

Hence, we need to re-think and disrupt outdated and old-fashioned notions on baby food for the next generation leaders. Here’s our unique and differentiated approach to a new food learning experience with Lil’ Tots.

We are very keen to set the learning environment as detailed below through displays that appeal to the eye, aromas that invite the tastes, varieties that promote better acceptance and offerings that teach control and independence:


As adults, the dish presentation entices us to try it more and this applies to children as well. We are true believers that this approach must start right from the weaning journey. 

Parents may start with the introduction of each single ingredient in a pureed form when the colors are still clear, but as the child is ready to expand to 3 and more ingredients, then the colors in the blended form become distorted. Thats’s why we layer our dishes to allow the child to clearly identify each ingredient, in different forms whether pureed or textured, shapes where carrots are seen in small cubes, peas are seen in rounded circles, sweet potatoes are seen in long fingers etc., keeping all ingredients in their natural color.


We all know that each ingredient has its own smell and we are keen to maintain it while cooking so when the child grabs the food with his fingers or with a spoon and moves it towards his mouth, he’s actually getting a hint of aromas associated with that taste before even tasting it. If it doesn’t smell good, the tendency to try it becomes less. So let’s encourage them to try.


Satisfaction is amplified when the food tastes yummy, there’s no doubt! So let’s Not offer meals that have bland tastes just for the sake of putting food inside the child’s mouth. Let that dish create a thought in that child’s mind to help her savor the moment. And what if we expose the child to international dishes from different parts of the world! That variety amplifies acceptance to new flavors and tastes and leads the way to raising less picky eaters.


Spoon feeding or self feeding? This should not be either or. As parents we use cutleries to eat most of the times but we also indulge in finger food at parties and special events. Let this be a similar experience for the child. Baby led weaning helps develop the child’s motor skills, and so does a blended approach to get accustomed to holding a spoon by themselves and successfully steering that spoon towards the mouth. 

In effect, we are actually applying the top 5 principles of the Montessori method.


Montessori learning enables children to make creative choices in their learning. At Lil’ Tots, we guide the process to do so.The child is learning shapes, colors, scents, forms, tastes, touch, independence, exploration, you name it! 

What a great learning experience through food! And parents get to be the directors of our Montessori inspired approach, so everyone is a winner in such a guided journey.

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