How Does It Work?

With each subscription meal plan you shall receive a main meal, am/pm treat and dinner items delivered for the week in 2 batches, on Sunday and Wednesday. Our weekly menu guides you on which options to offer your child each day to benefit from a balanced diet for the week.

Decide on the plan

We offer a variety of subscription based meals to meet all tastes.

Choose no. of days

Flexibility to subscribe for multiple weeks or one-time order.

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Top quality & safety measures to maintain freshness within chilled environment.

Veggie Plan
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This plan includes Main, Treat & Bite meals that are only veggie-based and fruit-based, delivered once a week.
Balanced Plan
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This plan includes Main, Treat & Bite meals from all 5 food groups including meat/poultry/fish, delivered twice a week.


Discovering Flavors

Why add Salt and Sugar to meals when ours taste Yummy without any, as approved by both Adults and Children! Check out our rotating set menu for the week and discover flavors from around the world. Mind you, we do not serve baby food the commercial way; we curate nutritiously balanced meals for babies, freshly cooked! Absolutely no additives, preservatives, or extreme heat processing to extend shelf life!

From the age of 8 months, babies must be exposed to a variety of ingredients from all 5 food groups. They must also try textured food and start experiencing spoon feeding, that’s why our packaging includes a one piece sleek spoon that is integrated into the lid and is very easy to grab, ideal for on-the-go snacking!

There’s much more! Adventurous little ones who like finger food can enjoy our freshly baked Bites offerings ideal for lunchbox items. Worried about allergies? We’ve got you covered. Go ahead and customize your own bundle with dairy free or gluten free options. All our plans are transported to your door in chiller vans to preserve quality and maintain freshness. Convenience at its best!

Menu 1
Menu 2
  • Cut-off time to place orders for the coming Sunday's Back-to-School Bundle is Thursday @5pm
  • Cut-off time to place orders starting Sundays is Thursdays @5pm & for Wednesdays is Mondays @5pm

Special Occasion?

Want to throw a One-of-a-Kind party for your little one? We’ve got you covered!

Make your celebrations a unique experience tailored to your needs. Get in touch on
and we’ll be happy to curate a special food menu that you and your guests can marvel on.

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