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  • NEW! Now accepting orders via call or whatsapp on 0553695002 with special prices so hurry up and get in touch!
  • NEW! Now accepting orders via call or whatsapp on 0553695002 with special prices so hurry up and get in touch!


You are just moments away from being a part of our lil’ tots club.

Our set menus for each week include a variety of ingredients from all 5 food groups with more than 20 seasonal fruits and vegetables that are sourced daily from farms.

Our blends are recommended from the age of 8 months , as at this stage your little ones must have been introduced to homemade solid blends that consist of one or two ingredients and are now ready to explore a mixture of three and more from the various food groups.

Explore our Blends

Our monthly changing menus are made up of farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, whole grain and protein based blends, offering an evolving range of ingredients and flavors to frequently expose your baby to new tastes. Send us your feedback below to keep your loved dishes on the menu and share with us your baby’s experiences live on Facebook and Instagram to be part of the lil’ tots club.
We are here to satisfy your child’s needs and to help you raise a happy and healthy eater.

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Where to Begin?

From this age onwards, we are going to work together to season the taste buds of your little munchkins to help them acquire healthy eating habits at an early stage.

Tell us a little bit about you and your child and let’s start this culinary journey of tastes, textures, colors and scents. You can always track the history of your child’s growing needs and preferences through our registry page and update as necessary in the checkout section.

What are you waiting for,if follow the steps below then simply sit back and enjoy receiving our daily deliveries right at your doorsteps !

How Does It Work?

With each subscription meal plan you shall receive two daily deliveries, one veggie-based meal and one fruit-based meal.

Decide on the size

Our containers come in 2 sizes to select the daily food portion depending on your child’s appetite.

Choose no. of days

We offer subscription flexibility of 5, 10 & 20 days depending on your needs.

Tailor food texture

We allow customization of food texture according to your child’s preferences.

Receive in 48 hrs

Food is transported in temperature- controlled vehicles to maintain freshness.

lil'tots Images Our Small meal plan comprises of 2 containers of baby food of 210ml each; we are super generous with our sizes as our 210ml container is good for two servings for the age of 8 months, depending on your baby's appetite.
lil'tots Images The Medium meal plan comprises of 1x210ml for fruit-based meals and 1x300ml for veggie-based meals and is an ideal plan around the late infancy stage as your baby’s needs grow.
lil'tots Images The Large meal plan comprises of 2 containers of 300ml each; this portion size is recommended from the age of 14 months onwards, depending on your baby's appetite.
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Special Occasion?

Want to throw a One-of-a-Kind party for your little one? We’ve got you covered!

Make your celebrations a unique experience tailored to your needs. Get in touch on
and we’ll be happy to curate a special food menu that you and your guests can marvel on.

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