Why do you offer Fresh food?

Simply because it’s what your babies should consume and what parents should offer when there isn’t time for all the chores of planning, shopping, prepping and cooking. We’ve had it with baby food being older than your baby and parents should not feel guilty in times of need. Both babies and parents should have a better choice than commercially produced baby food products that taste, look and feel nothing like real food.

How does the food stay fresh in transit?

Our meals are stored in insulated packages made of premium 100% recycled material that is waterproof and tear proof along with hard icepacks and transported in temperature-controlled vehicles.

Are your meals organic?

Our meals are made with farm-fresh ingredients and sourced daily from approved suppliers in the UAE. We source organic products whenever conveniently available in the market. We stress more on having seasonal fruits and veggies to ensure premium taste, color and scent.

Are your meals nut-free?

Yes they are, we avoid all tree nuts with the exception of Coconuts which is a fruit but is classified by the FDA as a tree nut.

Why do you offer subscription plans?

Our mission is to take you and your child on a guided journey and to expose your child to rich cuisines around the world. We want to help you raise a happy and healthy eater by offering a variety of ingredients to season their tastebuds at an early stage so they can continue to lead a fit lifestyle as they grow.

What if my child doesn’t like certain ingredients?

It is totally normal for your child to reject certain food at first - this is called neophobia. Experts suggest that babies may take up to 15 trials to decide if they like a food or not so keep at it! Don’t force-feed your child. Simply store the containers in the freezer for up to 3 months from date of production and try again when your child’s palate has improved.

Which days we can receive the orders?

We operate Sunday to Thursday and the minimum subscription plan is for 5 days. So should your order starts on a Wednesday then you will receive the rest of the orders till Tuesday the following week, considering that Friday and Saturday are off days.

What is the cut-off time to place an order?

You must place your order by 12pm on any working day for next day delivery within Dubai and following day delivery to the rest of the Emirates.

Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver within central areas in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain. If you live in a remote area then please communicate with us first on or call us on 0506117975 to check if we can meet your request.

What time should we receive our order?

Dubai orders are delivered between 5pm and 9pm next day or between 4am and 9am 2nd business day.
Abu Dhabi and Sharjah orders are delivered between 4am and 9am by 2nd business day.
RAK and Al Ain are delivered between 9am and 1pm by 2nd business day.

When is my baby ready to join Lil’ Tots’ meal plan?

We recommend starting our meals at the age of 8 months, as at this age your baby has been already introduced at home to single solid food ingredients and are now ready to be more adventurous to try a combination of ingredients that are much needed for your baby’s brain and growth development.

If I sign up to a subscription meal plan, am I locked in?

Yes, you are locked in for the number of days that you choose to subscribe to. You can’t skip or cancel, but you can store the food in the freezer section for consumption within 3 months from production date.

How can I tell if my baby can handle more textured foods?

Each baby is different and that’s why we ask you to tailor the texture to suit your baby’s preference. It is a gradual transition from creamy texture to thick texture and then to thick with chunks. Typically, as babies become accustomed to consuming thick textured purée, they are then ready for chunkier solid foods.

What if my child has food allergies?

Our meals are free of nuts, eggs and soy but some include dairy, fish, gluten and coconut. You are required to provide information on any allergies your child may have in our registry page. We will try to accommodate special dietary needs but you’ll have to communicate with us first on to consult with our nutritionist. Always consult your pediatrician if you are concerned about allergies.

Is your packaging baby safe?

Our innovative and stylish packaging has been designed with the intent to be child and environmental friendly and is an ideal solution for both home and on-the-go meals. All of our packaging is certified food grade (BRC Global Standard, ISO 9001, 14001 & 50001).

Why did you choose this packaging?

At this age infants have to start experiencing spoon feeding thus our packaging has been designed to include a small spoon that is integrated into the lid and very easy to grab, simply by removing the self-adhesive peel-off label on top of the plastic lid.

We chose plastic as the material to be used is 100% recyclable and less heavy to carry than glass jar and can be safely stored in the refrigerated. Our container is made of #5 PP plastic and the spoon and lid are #5 PP – all 100% BPA free.
Apart from offering outstanding convenience, the pot is re-closable, stable and optimized for stacking. It is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

How should I heat the food?

We recommend the traditional way of immersing the container in a bowl full of hot water and leaving for few minutes. This container is also microwave safe. Simply peel off the top membrane that covers the spoon, remove the spoon, and place the container with the lid inside the microwave.

How should I store the food?

Once received, keep the meals refrigerated and use within 3 days from the date shown on the container. The container is also suitable for freezing; freeze food on day of delivery and use within 3 months. We do not recommend storing any left-over food once heated in the microwave.

Do you offer vegetarian or vegan meal plans?

We offer a rotating menu of over 30 flavors a month. Our weekly meal plan includes 10 different food from all 5 food groups (5 veggie-based and 5 fruit-based). Our goal is to develop babies' palates and take care of their nutritional needs; meat and fish supply babies with much needed iron, vitamin B12, zinc, protein and calcium.

Why can't I buy single pots of food?

Lil’ Tots offers your baby a journey. By signing up to our subscription plans your baby will be exposed to a curated meal plan that has been carefully crafted to include an evolving variety of flavors, tastes, textures and ingredients that will expand babies’ palate and impact their ability to eat healthily and try new foods in the future. We don't offer single offerings or containers because each recipe forms part of a bigger meal plan.

Where and how is Lil’ Tots food produced?

All our food is handmade fresh from scratch in a certified elite kitchen facility in compliance with the highest possible health and safety standards. We do not use any artificial ingredients, colorings, additives or preservatives and our blends are free of sugar and salt.

How is your pricing decided?

We collaborate with food experts across the whole value chain to deliver a high end product, one that your baby deserves. We source fresh and seasonal produces every single day to guarantee premier quality, taste, and nutritional value. Our meals are nothing less than gourmet food for grown-ups but this time it’s for the little ones instead, handcrafted in small batches by chefs and free from any artificial ingredients, additives, preservatives, salt or sugar. They are packed with at least 5 ingredients from the different food groups to provide them with natural proteins, vitamins and minerals that they need for their growth. The meals are vetted by nutritionists and pediatricians. Our packaging material has been designed and chosen with utmost care to the best food grade and ecological material. Our food is made-to-order so you simply order online through a click of the button and conveniently receive the food in cold storage vehicles right at your doorsteps.

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