Convenience of ordering Healthy food for Infants and Toddlers

Parents are in constant search for the best nutritional goods to feed their children to become accustomed to healthy eating habits. Today, we all live in a fast-paced environment where the need for convenience measures is much appreciated. Lil’ Tots is here to offer a convenience choice that is as close as it can get to home cooked meals with less guilt feeling to rely on commercial baby food products that have shelf life older than your youngsters! 

We understand the exploratory journey of new parents and our expert team are here to guide you through the right path, saving you time and energy. We make it easy for you to expose your baby to tastes and textures without having to spend hours agonizing over recipes, shopping for the right ingredients, cooking, blending and storing. While the introduction of variety of ingredients is essential at an early stage, children are known to reject certain foods and this leaves parents frustrated after spending hours in the kitchen and knocking their heads down in the planning and prepping of homemade meals. 

Baby Naya enjoying her Omelette Muffin on her own!

We conveniently allow you to experience beforehand what the child likes as tastes and variety so that you both spend quality time during meal hours. You will learn from such experiences about the introduction of unusual grains like couscous, barley and chia seed and know more about the nutritional benefits as posted in Our Meals section.

Exposing your child to 20+ fruit and vegetable ingredients and 10 different tastes in 5 days is quite impractical to do at home. Let alone the convenience of offering gourmet food from international cuisines cooked by a chef instead of only sticking to the traditional dishes that we repeatedly cook at home.

Getting started with us couldn’t be easier, conveniently done at the click of a button and from the comfort of your home or office. Simply select the plan that suits you and your child, pay through a secure online payment gateway, and start receiving your order within 48 hours. 

What’s more, you can conveniently buy a last minute gift for your friend’s baby shower or first birthday or even plan for an ‘eat smart’ play date!

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