Baby Food by Subscription? Yes, that’s right!

We’ve seen all sorts of meal plans for ‘grown-ups’, from Lean to Clean, Vegan and Keto but we left out one very important group! What about baby food? Ample research has found that we acquire our eating habits in the first 1000 days of our lives, so this proves one critical fact, the need to instill healthy eating habits at an early stage!

At Lil’ Tots, we serve 2 meal plans, the Starter Plan for the early weaning stage between the ages of 6 – 10 months and the Balanced Plan for more adventurous eaters starting from the age of 8 months. We also offer one-time bundles for parents who would like to try first before subscribing or for those looking for baby food tailored to allergy conditions.

Our ready meals are the real deal! All handmade in small batches, using farm-fresh ingredients and are free from anything artificial, preservatives, sugar or salt. Our smart ingredient combinations include a range of fresh produce, proteins, healthy carbs, complimentary herbs and gentle spices that create truly delicious dishes that tantalize tiny taste buds!

On the menu is a huge range of exciting and beautifully designed baby food meals including Moroccan Feast, Tini Salmon, Mango Panna Cotta, Ratatouille, to name but a few.

We help you season the taste buds of your tots with a weekly curated menu offering as many palates as possible to become accustomed to healthy eating habits at the earliest stage.

Our Starter Plan has been curated with the intent to offer a range of 4 plant-based meals that include multiple veggies mixed with healthy grains to start the weaning journey with smooth textures and gradually build up to more chunkier ones. The plan includes 2 of each offering to get the child accustomed to such new tastes. Did you know that scientific studies have shown that it may take up to 15 times for a child to accept new flavors?

We are with you every step of the way and our baby meal delivery model has been crafted to help babies transition from relying solely on milk and single vegetable purées to delving into the world of solid food!

We pride ourselves on being unlike commercial baby food range on the market today. We are as close as it gets to home cooked meals and prepared in an elite kitchen that is HACCP certified and approved by Dubai Municipality.


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