5 Things About Us!

Some of you may know us as your meal provider while others may be new around here and just doing your research into the world of adventurous eating to start exploring with children. However way you found us, we’re so happy you’re here!
So to bring everyone up to speed about Lil’ Tots — who we are, what we believe in, what we do (and don’t), we thought we’d share our top five things you should know about us.

  1. Together and as a team, we help parents raise happy and healthy eaters! If you offer only smooth texture, then your child will resist moving on to the next level of chunky texture! If you offer only spoon fed meals, then your child won’t develop motor skill till later. If you or your child are a big fan of baby-led weaning, do that but don’t let your child miss out on other ingredients from the 5 food groups that need the help of a spoon! So a mix of spoon-fed meals and finger food is the ultimate aim. We do not mask veggies under sweet or fruity tastes as the goal is to develop appreciation for savory flavors when their preferences aren’t set yet! So you’ll find fruits only in our treats, not in lunch or dinner dishes.
  2. How we help you do that? Our approach is simple, when your child eats a mixed veggie dish, it tastes like veggie, it has a good flavor (not bland), and it contains the right amount of nutrients needed. Next, spice it up a little bit by adding healthy proteins that are recommended by child nutritionists. There are vitamins and minerals which are only present in limited ingredients, like vitamin D for example, it can be mainly found in Salmon. Each Chef-formulated recipe teaches your child how to eat varied flavors so they are less likely to become picky eaters as they grow and progress. At the end of the weaning stage, we want your child to earn a seat at the grown-ups table!
  3. What distinguishes us from commercial baby food companies? First, we are proudly made in the UAE and vouch ‘fresh and wholesome’ all the way. We source from local suppliers to get farm-fresh ingredients. We build partnerships with professionals in pediatric care, elite catering and production houses, and specialized food distributors – all working together to deliver our fine products. Our packaging has been designed with the intent to be child and environmental friendly. We chose the container because it is lighter than glass and, unlike pouches, it is 100% curbside recyclable. So parents can easily do their part to leave behind a better planet for generations to come. The baby has to be spoon fed at this stage and, when the baby is finished, the parent will simply reuse the container and the spoon for multiple purposes or recycle them. We only produce on-demand so that no food goes to wastage. Here’s to disrupting the baby food industry with improved choices!
  4. Why do parents trust us? Our ready-to-eat meals are approved by Dubai Municipality’s food safety department, but that is Not why! We have a two-way communication channel and encourage feedback from parents of what favorite dishes their kids like and which ones were less so to take note of during our meal development journey. Our clients are our brand ambassadors and we couldn’t be any happier. We only want authentic reviews from real moms and dads with real moments with their children. We do not only showcase the happy moments as this is not how things happen in real life! What we do know though is that baby food can be tasteful too despite being free from salt or sugar, and that parents are finishing up the leftovers! What a delightful discovery! And this brings us to our next very important point.
  5. With us, it’s a learning experience! Eating is a learned behavior just like any other learned behavior such as riding a bike or reading a book! We can get better at it with repeated practice and exposure. While we’d love to tell you that your child will readily eat all the meals we offer, in reality this is not the case. There is no magic wand to make children love all their veggies and grains or the taste of fish or egg, there is only practice, practice, and more practice. So this requires a lot of time and a lot of patience, but we are right here for you, saving you time and energy to explore with various food choices. Ample studies have shown that you need to keep exposing a child to the same flavors multiple times (10 or more), and also in different settings to eventually becoming more accepting of those same flavors over time. With all this information, still 1 out of every 4 parents draws premature conclusions around their child’s food preferences after just 2 exposures! We never encourage you to force feed your child when they refuse a certain dish, but ask you to keep at it! With consistent offering comes familiarity, which eventually leads to a healthy palate formation. And what’s even better, when you Subscribe with us, you pay less and save more!

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